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                                                        Our Mission Statement

                            We are called to glorify the cross our our Lord, Jesus Christ                                                                                through the Eucharist, Word and the Sacraments.                                                                  We are a welcoming people embracing all who seek to know, love and believe in Jesus Christ.                       As joyful stewards of God's abundant gifts we reach out to the needs of our brothers  and sisters.                                           We are Called, We are Welcoming, We are Stewards.  











Our 2017 Confirmation Class



Our 2017 First Communion Class




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Saturday: 4:00PM
Sunday: 7:00AM, 8:30AM & 11:00AM
Weekdays : 8:00AM                           Tues, Wed., & Thurs.                                in Sacred Heart Chapel                        (located in St. Aloysius School)             
Confession: 3PM Saturday